Hi everyone,

Something that comes up every once in a while is the need for more private,
one-on-one support through e-mail, chat, or phone, without posting to the
public mailing list, and with more immediate responses.

We are looking into providing commercial support plans for those companies
that want them. These would be paid priority support plans, meaning that
we'll handle these support requests before those on the mailing list. They
would take place on our new private support tracker, meaning confidential
data can be uploaded without fear that it'll be visible in a public place.
Depending on the support plan, we'd also provide backports of patches (when
possible) to older versions of Review Board as needed by customers. There
are some more benefits, which I'll link to in a minute.

We're working on putting this together, but want to put out feelers. If
this is something your company may be interested in, I'd love to hear what
sort of plan would cover your needs, or what your needs consist of.

You can see our current thoughts on the breakdown of plans, benefits, and


(The prices are based on the support plans of similar development tools and

I want to point out that our free support on this mailing list is not going
away or changing. We will continue to provide support on here as time
permits, just as we do today. We will, however, prioritize the paid plans
over mailing list plans, which I don't expect will change response times
much on this mailing list. (Think of it this way: A support request on a
paid plan is set to wake me up at night, whereas free support on the
mailing list will wait until after breakfast.)

If you have thoughts on this, or if your company may be interested in being
on the wait list for commercial support, please fill out the form below:


You can also e-mail me directly with any questions.



Christian Hammond - chip...@chipx86.com
Review Board - http://www.reviewboard.org
VMware, Inc. - http://www.vmware.com

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