First of all, I would like to say that ReviewBoard is very-very powerful, 
useful tool. We can't live without him. But now I have some problems with 
extension framework and existing extension named "RBWebHooks".

I'm using reviewboard 1.7 beta 1 and trying to install RB webhook 
extension, taken from https://github.com/reviewboard/rb-extension-pack. 
Packaging & installation is completed successfully. Now I try to configure 
it and add some targets. At first, I went to configure view to update 
amount of attempts. When I click on Save, system doesn't redirect to 
extension list. May be it's normal behaviour, but for me it was strange. 
Next I tried to add new target via "Database". When I click on Add, 
exception is occured like: 
"The requested admin page does not exist. 
Request URL:
Is it known issue or did I perform mistake somewhere? Please help me to 
identify root cause.

Thank you in advance,

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