Thanks for the response. We're going to try a couple of things on our
workflow tomorrow to see if we can leverage the issues feature. You've
brought up some good points and perhaps we can use them to our advantage.
BTW we found the checkbox "Always open an issue when comment box opens" in
My Account Preferences -- thanks for the heads up!

I want to clarify something though. We use "OK" to indicate one of two

1) "OK I've reviewed this file and found nothing wrong with it"
2) "OK I've reviewed your response to a previous comment and it's now

We'll double-check it out tomorrow but it looks like the issues feature
works very well for the second item but might be lacking for the first.

The first item may seem unnecessary to some folks but we live in an FDA
regulated environment and so we would like to give a positive, active
indication that a reviewer has reviewed each and every file. The "OK" is
not passive, it's active. The reviewer has to do *something* visible to
show they've actually performed the review of a file.

On the other hand, the passive workflow (i.e. no "OK" comment) leaves some
ambiguity as to whether the reviewer a) forgot to review the file or b)
reviewed it but found nothing wrong. The "OK" removes that ambiguity.


On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 1:47 PM, Christian Hammond <>
> Hi John,
> The issues feature is actually meant to replace having to say "OK" or
> "Fixed." It's just a way of saying, "This needs to be done" and for the
> other person to respond saying "It's done!"
> Going forward, we're building on this through the introduction of an issue
> summary table in 1.7 (which shows what issues are still pending, so you
> a To Do list of sorts), and we'll also be showing the fixed issues on
> diff update.
> Now, we're also introducing a per-user option to default that Open An
> Issue checkbox to unchecked for new comments. There's no site-wide
> but I suppose that could be added.
> Still, I think issues actually integrates into your workflow even nicer.
> Just open the issues, and instead of "OK," hit "Fixed." The effect is the
> same, but you'll gain some benefits going forward.
> Christian

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