I'm trying to get LDAP authentication working, but my user isn't able to 
log in. The log file is empty, only a entry about reloading the log 
settings. The log in page does change to include the 'Log in with your 
standard username and password'.

I've tried creating the user in reviewboard, and I'm able to log in with 
the temp password, but not the LDAP one. I also tried deleting user, but 
that makes no difference.

Here are my settings, which checked with another application that also uses 
LDAP authentication, in this case java based.

LDAP Server: ldap://xx-dc02:389
LDAP Base DN: ou=XXX Users,dc=xxinc,dc=com
Use TLS for authentication: unchecked, though checking makes no difference
User Mask: (sAMAccountName=%s)

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