1. I have registered an SVN repository version 1.6.6 with RB version 1.6.11
2. I am trying to create a new pre-commit review request i.e. the file is 
changed locally as compared to the one in the SVN.
3. I am using Tortoise SVN
4. I have created the diff file by using 'create a patch' option of 
Tortoise SVN
5. This is my repository path in the server -
6. The file I am trying to use is 'codreviewtest.txt'. It's complete path is
7. When I create a new review request using the Web UI, I use the following 
as the base directory
/sandbox/sumod (note - I have tried giving absolute path as well)
8. But I keep getting the error - The file 
'sandbox/sumod/codereviewtest.txt' (r1777) could not be found in the 

The file with the revision is present in the repository.

So what am I missing?

Any help is appreciated.


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