On Sep 12, 2012, at 21:00, Christian Hammond wrote:

> So the new one has review requests associated with it now? Otherwise, I'd say 
> just delete the new one and update the old.

Yes, the new one has reviews and comments, etc. associated with it (actually 
more than the old user does).

> If there are review requests (or reviews/comments/etc.) associated, we'll 
> need to update them. That can be done through a script, but it'd need to be 
> fine-tuned for what's associated with that user.
> If you hit delete on the new user, it'll give you a confirmation that will 
> show all objects associated. Having that list would help draft such a script.

I can send you this information tomorrow if you tell me  what format you prefer 
it in.  I would also prefer not to post such details on this list.


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