I am looking at the web page:  
know how to post comments using the API on an uploaded diff.

The comment is getting posted by using the parameters specified on the 
page, but the first_line parameter doesn't seem to be working as expected. 
>From the web page quoted above:

first_line (required)      Integer      The line number the comment starts 

The issue:
I am setting the first_line as the one where I want the comment to appear 
on the updated content (right hand column in the browser). I have verified 
that the request being sent to the reviewboard server has the correct 
first_line value. But when I view the review using the Web browser it 
appears at a different line number.

The line number is not correct even if I assume that the first_line is 
based on the line numbers of the original content.

Posted on line number 1594, displayed on:
1. New content line number 1468
2. Old content line number 1505

If I use the Web browser to post the comment on the intended line (i.e. 
1594), I see that it uses first_line as 1720!

I am running version 1.6.3. 

Is my understanding of the description of first_line incorrect? Any 
suggestions on how to go about figuring out the cause?


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