I'm having Issue 2 occur in IE 7 on RB 1.6.11

Is this a known issue? I cannot seem to locate the minimum version of IE 
supported in Review Board.

On Monday, June 13, 2011 7:42:27 PM UTC-4, Daryl wrote:
> Hi, 
> Now that I deployed the new server, people are actually using it with 
> IE.  2 issues have been reported - 
> 1. When posting a new diff through the web site, there are 2 fields 
> present on IE that aren't there on firefox.  "Parent diff" and 
> "Changeset".  After clicking the "Create new request" button the draft 
> review page comes up but none of the text boxes can be edited and 
> there's no pencil icon. 
> 2. When viewing the diff of an existing review, only the first file 
> loads.  The icons keep spinning and it never loads more than the first 
> file. 
> All of this works fine in firefox. 
> Daryl

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