I'm trying to migrate from 1.5 to 1.6. In 1.5, I had this in my 
settings_local.py file:

AD_DEBUG_FILE = '/var/www/reviewboard/logs/ldap.debug'

Which was essential for debugging authentication problems. In fact, I had 
all my AD settings in settings_local.py.

For 1.6, these settings aren't having any affect at all, as far as I can 
tell. It appears things have moved or been renamed.  I'm not getting an 
ldap.debug file. When I use the web interface for configuration, the only 
place I can find to set logging is in the general logging pane. I have that 
enabled, but I'm only getting stuff like this:

2012-10-01 08:51:54,429 - DEBUG - Logging to 
/var/www/reviewboard/logs/reviewboard.log with a minimum level of DEBUG
2012-10-01 08:51:54,430 - DEBUG - Log file for Review Board v1.6.9 (PID 

So 2 questions:

1. How can I get debug information for my active directory authentication?
2. What are my non-web ui options for configuration settings?



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