Hello Everyone,

I am currently running a ReviewBoard on FreeBSD 7.2 installation 
from 3
years ago with following software:
- python 2.6.4
- mysql 5.1.41
- django 1.1.1
- subversion 1.6.4

I've got a new FreeBSD 9.0 server ready to upgrade & migrate the RB to:
- python 2.7.3
- mysql 5.5.27
- django 1.3.3
- subversion 1.7.6

Can someone suggest a strategy for this? I'd like to upgrade to latest 

I was hoping there was a way to import data from the old version and do an
upgrade on the new server to avoid touching a live server and to avoid
dependencies upgrades which potentially can fail and cause a lot more work, 
I worry that I newer software version on the new server won't handle it 

Will `easy_install -U ReviewBoard` take care of the upgrade process nicely 
upgrade necessary (python) dependencies if required? If this goes well, 
should I
expect any problems with different MySQL and Subversion versions on the 

It's probably worth noting that I have near-zero experience with RB and 
but I am decent with FreeBSD and web servers.


PS. First time poster here, I hope I didn't break any rules.

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