Hi, I'm evaluating Reviewboard and am having some trouble...  I don't have 
root access to my machine and it doesn't have apache or lighttp on it 
either.  I tried doing a few configurations in subdirectories to no avail 
(likely on my end), so I decided to try out the following since it should 
be able to be run with the test server:

I followed the instructions, and I can see the site after starting the 
server, but I'm not sure how to go about setting up any of the Perforce 
configurations, as I don't have an admin account.  The sub-directory 
installations that I did through rb-site install had you setup the admin 
account through the GUI, but for the dev setup, I was never prompted to set 
this up.  

Does anyone have any advice for how I should go about setting up the admin 
account so that I can sufficiently test out the tool?  


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