I am getting the following error while posting to reviewboard through 


>>> RBTools 0.3.4

>>> Home = C:\Users\hpai\AppData\Roaming\

>>> User = hpai

>>> Port = pf-sj1-netl.sj.broadcom.com:49001

>>> p4 info

>>> repository info: Path: pf-sj1-netl.sj.broadcom.com:49001, Base path: 
None, Supports changesets: True

>>> options.p4_client=netlogic

>>> server_url = http://rb.sj.broadcom.com

>>> HTTP GETting api/

>>> HTTP GETting http://rb.sj.broadcom.com/api/info/

>>> Using the new web API

>>> Generating diff for changenum 44718

>>> p4 describe -s 44718

>>> Processing edit of 

>>> Writing "//depot/trunk/design/doc/eco/Testingthereviewboard.txt#3" to 

>>> p4 print -o c:\temp\tmpu2a1z3 -q 

Diff command: C:\Program 

>>> "C:\Program Files\WinExePostReview/diff.exe" -urNp 

Warning: //depot/trunk/design/doc/eco/Testingthereviewboard.txt in your 
changeset is unmodified

>>> Attempting to create review request on 
pf-sj1-netl.sj.broadcom.com:49001 for 44718

>>> HTTP POSTing to http://rb.sj.broadcom.com/api/review-requests/: 
{'changenum': '44718', 'repository': 'pf-sj1-netl.sj.broadcom.com:49001'}

>>> Got API Error 212 (HTTP code 400): The change number specified 
represents an empty changeset

>>> Error data: {u'stat': u'fail', u'err': {u'msg': u'The change number 
specified represents an empty changeset', u'code': 212}}

Error creating review request: The change number specified represents an 
empty changeset.


Even though the changelist is not empty and it has a text file.Kindly help 
me to solve this issue.

Thanks and regards,


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