Hello Christian,

The review board is failing with the below error please help.

>>> RBTools 0.3.4

>>> Home = C:\Users\hpai\Roaming\

>>> User = hpai

>>> Port = pf-sj1-mob.sj.broadcom.com:1668

>>> p4 info

>>> repository info: Path: pf-sj1-mob.sj.broadcom.com:1668, Base path: 
None, Supports changesets: True

>>> options.p4_client=bfeng_neos_win7

>>> server_url = http://rb.sj.broadcom.com

>>> HTTP GETting api/

>>> HTTP GETting http://rb.sj.broadcom.com/api/info/

>>> Using the new web API

>>> Generating diff for changenum 455490

>>> p4 describe -s 455490

Failed to execute command: ['p4', 'describe', '-s', '455380']

['Unicode clients require a unicode enabled server.\n']

Thanks ,


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