I've trying to add a Git repo to our existing Review Board instance.  Until
now, everything has been SVN and been simple.  When I tried to add the Git
repo, I received a complaint about bad SSL certs.  Since they're locally
generated, this makes sense.  I've set a global config option to not
validate SSL (sslVerify = false) and that's gone away but not all I get is
a spinner in the web page.  It doesn't seem to be doing anything now.

I've done some testing with the URL to invoke errors and they work (bad
hostname, bad path, bad URI handler) but the valid path (which I can clone)
doesn't work and there's nothing in the logs.  I've enabled debugging in
the local settings but all I get is this:

012-11-02 12:39:29,039 - DEBUG - Logging to
/var/log/httpd/sites/reviewboard.log with a minimum level of DEBUG
2012-11-02 12:39:29,039 - DEBUG - Log file for Review Board v1.6.13 (PID

Is there additional debugging I can enable or testing I can do?



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