HI Nandor,

I am trying to setup RB with windows clearcase similar to yours, could you 
help on how to upload diff manually or using post-review for changes made 
in branches. ex: file.cc@@/main/pvt_br/5

i'm facing issue while uploading the err "No such file or directory" i thin 
its because of config-spec between RB repository config-spec (main/LATEST)  
and user view config-spec(private branch)

how to over come this issue. please share how you made it work for branch 
based development.

any help will be really useful.


On Friday, July 27, 2012 4:39:47 PM UTC+5:30, Nandor Nagy'inverz wrote:
> Hi there,
> We are using Reviewboard with ClearCase 7.1.2 and python 2.5.4 on 
> a windows server 2008 for code review purposes, and it's really useful and 
> saves a lot of time and effort :)
> Some days ago we encountered a strange issue with reviewboard. We are 
> courrently working on a big project, using postreview script automated and 
> it fails when processing long (cearcase)paths. For example:
> *
> drive:\project_vob\.@@\main\version_numbers_and_branches\...\more_branch_info\...\filename.ext\@@\developer_branch\2
> *  #circa 500 char long
> After debugging it seems that a "file or directory does not exist" 
> exception was thrown, when postreview is checking the given path. (for 
> shorter than ~255char paths it works fine every time)
> We have tried to create the diff manually with reviewboard's GnuWin32 diff 
> tool (diff -uN long_path1 longpath2) but same result: "file or directory 
> does not exist". Kdiff3 and clearcase diff tool can handle the extreme long 
> paths, but they can't produce unified diff format output. 
> So the question is:
> -Is there any workaround to get the diff tool working with longer paths or 
> maybe another diff tool, which is compatible with reviewboard?
> thank you very much in advance,
> Nandor 

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