Hi Matthew,

Yes, extensions will allow for providing new review request fields. They
can do so by instantiating one or more ReviewRequestDetailHooks and
returning the desired information in the required functions for rendering.
The ReviewRequest model now supports extra data that extensions (and soon
the API) can set.

There's very little documentation on extensions right now. All we really
have up at the moment is at

There's no custom validation right now for fields.

The extension support in 1.7 is very experimental and not fully baked. We
have a lot to do there, so consider it more a preview, but you can
certainly start using it when 1.7 is out as an early adopter. The goal is
to get a finished implementation for 1.8.

What we're hoping is that people who want to write extensions will get
involved in helping develop the functionality and help shape the overall
extension feature set.

A large part of what still remains, besides documentation, is a more modern
JavaScript codebase that extension writers can use. At the moment, it's not
very clean or fully-baked. That's going to improve in the 1.7.x releases.


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On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 11:23 AM, Matthew Woehlke

> I am looking into RB as an alternative to gerrit for code review, but one
> of the thing we really want is the ability to include custom data in review
> requests.
> Will the new extension support in 1.7 allow adding additional,
> site-defined fields, and if so, is there any documentation/example how to
> do this? If not, is there any way to write a custom validator for a request
> description?
> Basically what we need is an enum field that a: is required, b: must
> contain a value that matches a list of allowed values, and c: can be
> retrieved later when a branch is merged. A custom field (especially with
> working completion) would be ideal, but what we're doing now with gerrit is
> requiring a machine-readable tag in the request description, so this would
> be okay too.
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> Matthew
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