HI Christian,

I get post-review error : Got API Error 105 (HTTP code 400): One or more 
fields had errors, [u'cleartool: Error: Not a vob object: 

the above generates diff but fails after "HTTP POSTing to http"

we have multiple individual vobs, if i give post-review under the vob which 
has a repository in RB and .reviewboardrc file it works fine, if give for a 
file not under the vob path (but in diff vob path) i get the above eror, 
but there is repository for other vob and a .reviewboardrc file.

is there any way workaround so i can run post-review in a songle vob and 
get all files changed in to one review?

pls help how to change post-review python script to not chk this and ignore 
above error


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