On 2012-11-20 15:49, DXM wrote:
I'm trying to setup ReviewBoard to work with Gitlab repository. Since
Gitlab has a web front end API, From everything I've read so far, seems the
most straightforward integration would be to specify a Raw File URL mask in
the repository setup.

However, I've run into a bit of a problem. It looks like for <revision>
placeholder, RB server will pass in file blob's SHA1, but Gitlab API wants
the client to pass in SHA1 of the commit.

Sorry to say, but if Gitlab cannot give you a blob by it's identifying SHA, you are out of luck. By the time a diff makes it to RB, the SHA of the commit against which the diff was generated is no longer known. (And I am not aware that it is possible to determine what commit "owns" a particular blob ID.)

So... basically, see David's reply for your options. Getting the Gitlab server patched is probably best; being able to retrieve blobs by ID is a feature the server really ought to provide.

(I had the same problem with an older gitorious server, and spent some time trying to determine if there was some other solution short of a complete mirror of the repository - e.g. a local web service that could fetch just the necessary blob - but wasn't able to come up with anything. In the end, I had to patch the gitorious server. Fortunately upstream gitorious has already been patched, so it was just a matter of grabbing the necessary patch from upstream and applying it.)

p.s. If you end up patching Gitlab yourself, what you need is basically a URL that gives you the output of 'git show <blob-id>'. The path isn't actually needed for git.


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