Where is it described in the documentation the correct way to make several 
diffs and upload them incrementally?

We had a situation where one of our developers only uploaded partial diffs 
each time (just the changes since the last time he uploaded a diff), 
meaning there was no way to see his complete set of diffs together.
I don't blame him because how was he supposed to know not to do that?
We ended up hacking some extra instructions into the "add review" template 
and marking them bold red to try and prevent people doing this.

ReviewBoard assumes all diffs are complete (from first commit to last), and 
it figures out the rest, allowing reviewers to easily drill down by 
revision if they want.
If any of the uploaded diffs are not complete, then reviewers can 
completely miss changes that were made.

a) where is the "right" way to add diffs documented?

b) shouldn't reviewboard make it a lot more difficult to upload diffs 

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