On 11/20/2012 05:32 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:

Yes, I'll be pushing out a 1.6.14 probably this week. We'll continue to
release 1.6.x releases for a little while after 1.7 is out.

I'm putting out an RC of 1.7 hopefully also this week.

One thing I wanted to check with you on before the 1.7 release candidate gets issued. Right now, we have an issue with building Review Board 1.7 in Fedora and EPEL because it relies on web access to the blesscss website. The problem here is that the Fedora build system disallows network access because all of our builds have to be repeatable (i.e. I must be able to ensure that I bless the CSS with exactly the same algorithm).

Would it be at all possible for you to conditionalize the djblet.pipeline.compilers.bless routine to use a local 'blessc' application if it is present in the $PATH? This would be the best solution from our perspective.

I'm currently working on packaging blessjs for Fedora to this end.

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