Source control: subversion (which has no conception of real branch)
REPOSITORY in .reviewboardrc: Repository Root taken from "svn info" command.
Reviewboard version: 1.6.13
JIRA number: added as SVN check-in comment.

Under svn location, "svn log --stop-on-copy" shows all the revisions on the 
branch from different JIRAs. The revisions are intermixed with different 
JIRAs.  If I use "post-review  --revision-range", I will get tons of 
changes that are not related but still fall into the revision ranges. Is 
there any way to pull out all the changes related to one JIRA?

One thing I can think of is to generate my own diff and remove the junk I 
don't need.

Did some one have the same issue? Thanks in advance.

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