Hi ,

 I am using ReviewBoard version 1.6.1 and am facing a difficulty in 
configuring this for our GIT repository. Our GIT repository is hosted on a 
remote machine i.e different from the one hosting ReviewBoard. In the Add 
repository of ReviewBoard, I selected the following options - 

Hosting service - Custom
Repository type - Git

I left the Path and Mirror Path fields blank since the GIT repository is on 
a remote machine and not accessible via a path.

Since I am able to access our GIT repository on a browser via cgit, I am 
assuming that I need to specify the Raw file URL mask with a value similar 
to http://git.gnome.org/browse/gtk+/plain/<filename>?id2=<revision> as 
specified in the ReviewBoard documentation. 

I tried using different variations of this string after replacing 
git.gnome.org with the host name for our GIT repository but it did not 

I am new to GIT - so it would help me  a lot if someone could guide me on 
what string I should use for setting the Raw file URL mask.


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