On 2012-12-07 00:08, Krishnan Raghupathi wrote:
I tried using the following value for the raw file URL mask -


Based on that, I would guess your Raw File URL should be:


As previously stated, path and mirror path should match your users' remote fetch URL's. Ideally Path should be something that RB can access (though I'm not sure it actually needs to), and Mirror Path can be something that needs credentials. Git URL's are fine, they don't need to be local paths. (If needed, you can upload an SSH key to the RB server, and/or generate one and add it to the git repo's accepted keys.)


I tried a value like ssh://g...@gitgrid.unx.coep.com/Mobile/Commons and I
still get an error.

...looks reasonable. I would guess the Raw File URL is the issue.

(Have you checked the server's logs to see what it is trying to do?)

What about the id2 in the raw file URL mask - should I leave it as id2  or
should I use just id ?

This I don't know... whatever works for cgit...


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