On Wed 19 Dec 2012 05:04:39 AM EST, Christian Hammond wrote:
Hi everyone,

To those of you who upgraded to 1.7.0 and hit some upgrade problems,
I'd like to apologize and also thank you for your reports. We've fixed
up a number of these issues for those who haven't upgraded yet, and
rolled it into 1.7.1.

There's also a new checkbox when configuring GitHub repositories for
automatically associating your SSH key as a deploy key on GitHub.


It's been a long road (and many thanks for your help, Christian!) but we finally have Review Board 1.7.1 in Fedora!


For now, we're only supporting Fedora 18 and later. Some of the dependencies, notably Node.js for the less.js compressor currently aren't available on Fedora 17. I'm going to look into that (and support on EPEL 6) in the new year.

Happy Holidays, folks!

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