Hi guys,

I wanted to condense the three active threads on database upgrade issues.
The things you all have in common is that you're upgrading from older
versions using an older Django Evolution that all had a bug causing blank
hinted schema evolutions, which could cause problems when upgrading.

So for each of you still having the hinted evolution problem, can you do
the following:

1) Do a full SQL backup of your database
2) Run:

  $ rb-site manage /path/to/site shell
  >>> from django_evolution.models import Version
  >>> print Version.objects.all()

Paste that for me.

Now, here's where your backup comes in. Do this:

  $ rb-site manage /path/to/site shell
  >>> from django_evolution.models import Version
  >>> Version.objects.exclude(evolutions__pk__gt=0).delete()

Then re-do the rb-site upgrade, reload the web server, and see if that
works better. Test the site, make sure you don't have any database errors,
and report back.

I'm hoping this fixes the problem for you. If so, I can integrate this into
the upgrade process for future upgrades. (Not that you should ever hit this
again, since it's fixed in django-evolution.)


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