Hi Team,
Installed reviewboard 1.7.1 in my centos 5 machine with Python version 
2.7.2 and Django version 1.4.3
Configured the authentication method as "LDAP"
Tried log in to the page, it says "invalid user name and password" ( though 
I am giving correct user name and password )
To check what goes wrong enabled Logging facility in reviewboard ( also 
profiling )
Restarted httpd ( apache) server.
Tried giving logging credentials. It says Failure again.
Entered into my review site directory and checked the log 
file /var/www/reviewboard/logs/reviewboard.log
It has nothing about the ldap failure or success.
The log file content looks like "Rotating logging configurations"
Please anyone help me where can I see the error logs whenever any 
failure/success occurs?

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