On Thu 03 Jan 2013 11:47:06 AM EST, p...@talk21.com wrote:
Hi Stephen,

After running rb-site install and visiting the website, I get errors
about a couple of directories not being writeable.  The web page
helpfully suggests a couple of "chmod -R" commands.  However on Fedora
the SELinux profile for the httpd process prevents writing regardless
of unix permissions.  I'm not sure if there's anything Fedora can do
to make that easier for users, perhaps it's just something to
document.  The SELinux Troubleshooter correctly indicates how to
workaround this issue.

We can't really make this easier because we don't have advance knowledge of where you're installing the Review Board site. I *think* what you need to do is set the following SELinux contexts (with 'chcon -t <context> file' or 'chcon -R -r <context> directory'):

1) apache-wsgi.conf needs to be httpd_config_t
2) $SITE_DIR/htdocs and $SITE_DIR/data (if using an SQLITE DB) need to be httpd_sys_content_t

What else did the Troubleshooter say? I'm naming those from memory.

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