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> Hi Stephen,
> After running rb-site install and visiting the website, I get errors about
> a couple of directories not being writeable.  The web page helpfully
> suggests a couple of "chmod -R" commands.  However on Fedora the SELinux
> profile for the httpd process prevents writing regardless of unix
> permissions.  I'm not sure if there's anything Fedora can do to make that
> easier for users, perhaps it's just something to document.  The SELinux
> Troubleshooter correctly indicates how to workaround this issue.
> Hi Christian,
> With my test site up and running, I had a brief look around.  Here are a
> few issues I noticed on the admin pages:
> On the Admin dashboard, System Information section on left hand side
> 1) Both "Review Emails" and "Email TLS Authentication" are hyperlinks to
> the same page.  Should they be different links or would one link would be
> sufficient?

Yeah, they're just all quick ways of jumping to the setting for the page.
The sidebar is meant to be a quick at-a-glance of certain setting values,
and clicking on them takes you to the page containing that setting. There's
going to be some overlap.

> 2) "Indexed Search" links to "/admin/settings/general", which is the same
> as the "General" link at the system settings section.  Perhaps this is
> influence by my install not having PyLucene.  Should "Indexed Search" link
> to a different page?

Nope, same as above.

>  3) General Settings admin page mentions "PyLucene (with JCC) is required
> to enable search. See the 
> documentation<http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/manual/dev/admin/sites/enabling-search/>for
>  instructions.".  The documentation link points to
> http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/manual/dev/admin/sites/enabling-search/however
>  that serves up a 404 Not Found page.

I'll make sure to fix the link for the next release.

> 4) Review Board Activity: Clicking on the four toggle buttons (Reviews,
> Comments, Review Requests, Changes) affects how much data is plotted.  The
> graph goes from four datasets down to one.  Deactivating the last toggle
> greys out the last button, but doesn't remove the last dataset from the
> graph (tested on Firefox 17, Fedora 17).

Would you mind filing a bug on this one? I'll see what we can do about it.
Hoping to get some unit tests in place for these widgets in time.



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