How did you solve this issue? could you please tell me?

I'm also encountering this issue currently. My reviewboard version is 1.7.1 

I met these two options as well:
"I trust this host" and "Re edit repository". 

however, both buttons are gray. I cannot click it. 

在 2010年6月22日星期二UTC+8上午1时19分34秒,Martelo写道:
> I'm trying to add an https SVN repository. 
> After click on save, the folowing message is shown... 
> "A verified HTTPS certificate is required to connect to this 
> repository. 
> There were errors validating this certificate: 
> The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority. Use the 
> fingerprint to validate the certificate manually. ..." 
> ... with the following options: "I trust this host" and "Re edit 
> repository". 
> So far so good, but when I click on "I trust this host", RB enters an 
> infinite loop. 
> The error message is: 
> "ERROR - SVN: Failed to get repository information for 
> https://myserver/repo: 
> OPTIONS of 'https://myserver/repo': Server certificate verification 
> failed: issuer is not trusted (https://myserver) 
> I'm using RB1.5 beta 2+ Apache 2.2 + Ubuntu... 
> I'm able to perform a SVB checkout with both root and www-data 
> users... I'm not sure why the "certificate is not issued by a trusted 
> authority" message is still been shown. 
> Does anyone have this problem? 

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