hi All,
Our organization is using Perforce for version control, the P4 server is 
located a remote site and out of my control.
Now I just want to try Review Board at my local site, to work togehter with 
P4 client for code review, the PC to install RB server is running Ubuntu 
I got below questions:
1) is it possible to deploy a RB server a my local site and connnect with 
the remote P4 server? any change needed on the P4 server?
2) I am following the guideline at 
http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/manual/dev/admin/installation/linux/ to do 
the installation of RB on my Linuxe server, however, I am not clear about 
what P4 component need to be installed on RB server, as required in below 
section, there are a lot of P4 components at 
http://www.perforce.com/downloads/complete_list, such as P4D, P4V, P4 
command line client, etc.
Perforce¶ <#perforce> 

To use Review Board with Perforce <http://www.perforce.com/>, you’ll first 
need to install *p4* some place in your web server’s path (usually /usr/bin). 
You can download this from the Perforce 

You’ll then need to install the Python bindings by typing the following:

$ easy_install P4PythonInstaller

3) What change need to be made on the user's Windows XP PC? which is using 
P4V / P4Win to access source code files.

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