hi All,
Our organization has Perforce server running, I am going to try with Review 
Board for code review. I have below questions at now:
1. Our Perforce server is at remote site and out of my control, I just want 
to setup a locak ReviewBoard web server, to work together with our existing 
Perforce server (at remote site) for a small team, is it possible? does 
Review Board need to be at same server of Perforce?
2. I am following the guideline at 
do the installation on Ubuntu 10.04.4, now have completed for below steps:

$ apt-get install python-setuptools

$ apt-get install python-dev

$ apt-get install memcached

$ easy_install python-memcached

$ apt-get install patch

$ easy_install ReviewBoard

$ apt-get install python-mysqldb


However, I have problem in section" Installing Source Control Components", I 
don't know what Perforce component need to be installed on my Review Board 
server, there are a lot of components 

at Perforce website (http://www.perforce.com/downloads/complete_list), such as 
P4V, P4 Commandline Client, P4D, etc.


Could anyone help to answer? thanks.

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