Hi.  Thanks for ReviewBoard!  And thanks in advance for any time or help 
you can offer...

I'm trying to set up my own instance of ReviewBoard for the first time, and 
I've got the reviewboard site running now (version 1.7.1), and a local git 

But I'm having trouble when I go to the Add Repository webpage 
http://<server>/reviews/admin/db/scmtools/repository/add/ and choose to add 
the path to my repository (/var/git/Intent/.git) and save changes, I get 
the following error: Unable to retrieve information from local Git 

I have double checked permissions, and am able, as the apache user (which 
runs the website) to execute the command "git --git-dir=/var/git/Intent.git 
config core.repositoryformatversion" it returns a result of 0, which seems 

Can you help figure out what's causing this error or provide debugging 

Thank you,

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