On 2013-01-23 02:48, Hyunil Shin wrote:
I will use post review (committed in Subversion).
While reviewing if I find a bug how can I indicate that a review has a bug?
I want to close the review with a kind of bug-tag.
for example, I need another close status, bug (currently two status -
submitted, discarded).

Why would this be a separate status?

A request should only ever be closed for two reasons: either it has been merged, or it has been abandoned (discarded). If it is abandoned because it is broken, just say so in the discard message.

(It also sounds like you are suggesting that as a reviewer you will close someone else's request. That is a very unusual work flow that I would not recommend.)

Usually, if you find a bug in a request, you would leave a comment on that request and open an issue. Then the author will either fix the bug and update the request, or decide to discard the request.


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