I am using Review Board 1.7.2 on Windows 7 with repository on Clearcase, 
and found the view diff page doesn't render correctly.
if I upload several changed files in one diff by post-review, say more than 
2 files, only 2 files' diff could display, and only can add comment for the 
first one diff.

after some diagnose, I found the cause is in Line 15 of reviews.js, 'new RB.
CommentIssueManager({' will cause Uncaught TypeError
var gCommentIssueManager = new RB.CommentIssueManager({

Seems like the refactor of reviews.js in 1.7.2 by moving related code to 
commentIssueManagerModel.js caused this problem, while 1.7.1 works just 
As not so familiar with javascript, I can only find out the cause, don't 
know how to fix.
Hope this also could be fixed in next Review Board release.

Tao Zhou

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