I ran into a slight issue with screenshot comments.  Suppose there is a 
screenshot of a dialog, and one person wants to make a comment on a 
specific element of the dialog, and another person wants to make a comment 
on the entire dialog.

The first person creates his comment in a small box, but does not open an 
issue, and then the second person makes her comment in a large box 
surrounding the smaller box.  When viewing the screenshot on the Review 
Board site, you cannot see the first person's comment when hovering over 
the small box.  You can only read the comments in the large box.

Furthermore, if the first person makes a big box that surrounds a lot of 
things, the second person cannot add a smaller box that comments on 
something inside of it.

I believe the behavior is different depending on whether or not an issue 
was opened.  If the smaller box is an "issue", than you can read it.  If 
it is not an issue, you can't read it.

The workaround is to either tell people not to draw boxes that encapsulate 
other people's boxes, or just find the specific review on the "View 
Reviews" page.

The fix for this might be tricky, I don't even know what I expect the 
behavior to be.  What if there were two comments that overlapped just a 
bit like a venn diagram? 

(Using Review Board 1.6.14)

Brian Alexander

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