On 2013-02-16 22:21, Christian Hammond wrote:
So it sounds like you need to make sure any diff you generate through egit is between 
a range of <some pushed branch>..HEAD.

To make that even more explicit... ANY diff, regardless how it is generated, needs to be against something that RB can 'see'. Otherwise RB will not be able to fetch the 'pre-diff' version of the file from the repository.

On 2013-02-17 03:46, Karan Jain wrote:
I understand your point, but when I execute git diff origin/foo..HEAD, it
would give me diff between HEAD of origin/foo and HEAD of my working copy.
However, on Reviewboard, the branch of repo that is connected is
origin/master. Hence, Reviewboard, will not be able to patch and display
this diff.

I'm confused... do you mean that RB is not able to access origin/foo? How do you have RB set up that it can only see a subset of what is on origin?


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