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W dniu piątek, 15 lutego 2013 19:30:23 UTC+1 użytkownik hitendra chauhan 
> It seems that the clearcase repository is not added correctly.
> These repository are not getting listed in new review request.
> Review board is on the same host where clearcase vobs are registered.
> repository paths are same as vob tag as below:-
> /vob/code/src
> /vob/code/ui
> /vob/code/bin
> /vob/code/ucmvob
> below are the vob details:- 
> [root@rhel5 ~]# ct lsvob
> * /vob/code/ucmvob     /net/rhel5/vobstore/ucmvob.vbs public (ucmvob)
> * /vob/code/ui         /net/rhel5/vobstore/ui.vbs public (ucmvob)
> * /vob/code/src        /net/rhel5/vobstore/src.vbs public (ucmvob)
> * /vob/code/bin        /net/rhel5/vobstore/bin.vbs public (ucmvob)
> [root@rhel5 ~]#

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