On 2013-02-22 01:20, chuck j wrote:
Yes i am using wrapper over post-review script. I am already using stdout
of post-review to get the review id. I wanted to know if there is any API
which will help me get the review id before publishing the review request?
which i can use in my wrapper.

I don't think I understand what you want... the review ID doesn't exist until you create the review, e.g. with post-review. Once the draft is created, you can get the ID from post-review by parsing its stdout (not elegant, but I don't know a better way).

If you mean that you need your script to create a draft, get the ID, do something else, and then publish the review request... I don't believe this is easily possible right now. When RBTools 0.5 lands it will be much easier, as there should be an rbt command to take a review request ID and publish it.

Otherwise, I think your only other option is to modify or copy post-review so that you can add your own logic at the python layer.

Probably the best long term solution would be to write your logic in Python and import the RBTools modules (again, will require at least RBTools 0.5). RBTools should eventually have a way for other python code to call to create a request that will get the ID back as a python object, so that you do not need to do output parsing or other such work-arounds. (And you will also be able to call other python code to publish the request, once you have done whatever else you need to do.)


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