Thak you Raja !

It will be very helpful.


On Saturday, February 23, 2013 12:50:12 PM UTC+5:30, Raja wrote:
> Hi all,
> Ive created an extension that allows custom reports in Reviewboard. 
> Currently, the supported reports are
>    - Review Requests not Reviewed by anyone
>    - Review Requests that are not Reviewed by me
>    - Review Requests that have a Ship-It but not Submitted.
>    - Filter ReviewRequests by Repositories that a user has access to.
> I basically picked up a few tickets that wanted this functionality (bug #: 
> 2355, 2049 and one of our own needs) to create the above reports. Since not 
> everyone would want all of these reports, the extension has a 
> "Configuration" page that allows the admin to pick and choose which of the 
> reports needs to appear on dashboard pages. At this point, the selected 
> reports will be visible to all users of reviewboard. In the future, this 
> may include groups or users who may want to see certain reports, but those 
> will not be available for other users of the system.
> You can see a README of this at 
> This page contains the steps to install it.
> Im also planning to setup a custom RB instance (on cloudfoundry or heroku) 
> where the plugins are installed (I also converted a RSS Feed codebase 
> contributed by Dolanor into an extension) . You could test-drive them there 
> before trying it in your own install.  Ill post here when I have that setup.
> Regards
> Raja

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