I am migrating from RB 1.6.3 on SQLite and local git repos to RB 1.7.5 on 
PostgreSQL and remote git repos and cgit. I have successfully migrated the 
data and reviewboard 1.7.5 is running, however, the diff viewer is broken. 
It seems that RB is passing non-existent SHA hashes to cgit so cgit always 
returns the latest version of the file. The resultant error is:

Diff currently unavailable.  *Error:* The patch to 'tools/make_tarballs' 
didn't apply cleanly. The temporary files have been left in 
'/tmp/reviewboard.cCQhSt' for debugging purposes. `patch` returned: 
patching file /tmp/reviewboard.cCQhSt/tmpC2DNFj Reversed (or previously 
applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n] Apply anyway? [n] Skipping patch. 7 
out of 7 hunks ignored -- saving rejects to file 

RB shows "Revision c4b297e0380c2c0bc1610659eb1b6bfdccfe196f" but this 
revision does not exist in the git repository.
What I don't understand is what the "revision" under the file name in the 
diff viewer came from since it does not exist in the repository. In the old 
installation (still running), the revision is the same non-existent SHA 
hash, but the diff viewer works. Does it make a difference that the patch 
was partially committed? Where does that revision come from? Thanks for any 


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