Hello, we have encountered what seems to be a bug in both reviewboard and 
cgit when using rb with a remote git repo via cgit. This is due to a 
migration from local to remote git repos.

Some of our reviews include short git hashes (from uploaded diffs, I 
assume), which rb then complains about:

Diff currently unavailable. *Error:* The revision '1be9c1d' for 'abc isn't 
in a valid format: The SHA1 is too short. Make sure the diff is generated 
with `git diff --full-index`.

I thought this might be easy to fix in rb, but it seems cgit blows up (500) 
on the short hashes, too. 

So, it looks like I have three options:

1) hack rb and cgit to support short hashes
2) use local repos again
3) expand the short hashes to full hashes in the database

Unless there are other suggestions, I would like to investigate option 3. 
Could someone point me to which table in the database I should be looking 


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