I've done some debug today by hacking inside the scmtools/clearcase.py 
file. I have 30 years of experience in C/C++/Perl, but my python is weak. I 
did manage to sprinkle enough logging.debug statements around to determine 
that the ClearCaseTool._get_view_type method is getting no output from the 
"cleartool lsview -full -properties -cview" command.

After the call to p.communicate and p.poll, I've inserted:
       logging.debug("failure is (" + str(failure) + ") result is (" + res 
+ ") error is (" + error + ")")

The resulting debug log shows
       DEBUG = failure is (0) result is () error is ()

So the Clearcase command is returning a 0 exit status, but no results were 
returned on the stdout or stderr pipes.

The results from there on out are catastrophic....


On Wednesday, February 27, 2013 11:38:01 AM UTC-5, hitendra chauhan wrote:
> I also faced the same issue.. and struggling with it since 1 week..
> On Wednesday, 27 February 2013 02:26:49 UTC+5:30, Jay Lawrence wrote:
>> I've tried my best to setup ReviewBoard with Clearcase, but when I try to 
>> add a Repository the logfile ends up with the message 'Unsupported View 
>> Type'.
>> I have created a Clearcase dynamic view local to the server as user 
>> 'apache' (which is the user that runs httpd). I have ensured that the user 
>> 'apache' can access the contents of that view with proper permissions.
>> The connection of ReviewBoard and ClearCase is somewhat a mystery to me. 
>> My most recent attempt to solve this was to set the environment variable 
>> CLEARCASE_ROOT=apache_cc_view so that commands spawned by the server will 
>> have this environment variable set.
>> On the Add Repository page I set a name at the top, then choose Clearcase 
>> as the repository type and use /vobs/<vobname> as the path.
>> When I select Add, I get an Error 500 method (Something Broke), and the 
>> Unsupported View Type stack trace is emailed to me and in the logfile.
>> Please help figure out what is wrong with my configuration. I'm on Redhat 
>> 6.0 with ReviewBoard 1.7 and Python 2.6.5.

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