Hi there,

At my office, a few of us have been using ReviewBoard 1.0rc2.1 for a few 
years without much complaint and recently had to upgrade the system it was 
running on.  Needless to say, ReviewBoard wasn't too happy about this.

We're desparately trying to resolve the situation so that we can either:

a) get the same version of ReviewBoard working again, or
b) get a slightly similar (but perhaps slightly newer) version working
c) get the latest version working

We successfully installed the newest version on a clean install, but don't 
expect to be able to migrate our data very easily - any suggestions?

We've failed to get the same version installed again, because it seems that 
Debian wants everything to be Python 2.6 now, and the original version 
seems to be Python 2.5 (have I expressed that correctly?), at least in the 
egg file name.

Any suggestions at all would be welcome...



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