On 2013-03-20 20:12, A.M. wrote:
Is it possible to use the rb API in 1.7.5 to get the changes to reviewboard
in the past X minutes (any review request changes)? I am creating a review
board poller which will then update a ticket system with links to

I had previously made a reviewboard plugin for this task, but our ticket
system is sluggish at times, so users are annoyed that the "Publish" step
is blocking/slow. To address this, I would like to poll and update the
ticket out-of-band.

Have you considered moving your ticket updates to a separate thread?

So, I see you already found a solution, but because it is a good use case, I'll mention it anyway...

I have a feature request to add an asynchronous event monitoring system a la gerrit. The idea is you have a plugin that takes internal (synchronous) RB events and publishes them over some asynchronous channel (I used dbus since it is generally available on modern Linux systems, but you could use something else). You can then log into the system and run a listener program that will dump events to stdout (for dbus, a small Python script can do the job). If you run this in a separate process and connect a pipe to its output, buffering should take care of whatever lag your own process introduces, providing that the event queue doesn't fill the buffer. (You could trivially filter by relevant events to make that less likely.)

The advantage of this versus polling is (potentially) less latency, and less load on the server and network because it is event driven (the server and network only need to do work when an event actually happens; you aren't making them work every poll-interval just to tell you that nothing has changed).


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