Hi all,

In our project, the language PO files of the project are stored together 
with the project source in the same repo. The PO files' size are >1MB each, 
and we have 12 such PO files. Our process requires that the new strings 
going into PO files must be reviewed, so at least one of the PO files must 
be shown on the rev. board.

The problem is, that although the diff itself is small (containing only the 
new strings), the total size of 12 x 1MB of these PO files cause 
performance problems. The best would be if reviewboard would support 
on-demand loading of the files when showing the diff -- i.e., until the 
user does not want to check the diff in a particular file, it should not 
load that file. The second best would be if I could block 11 out of the 12 
files to not show up on the review board.

I was thinking on playing with the binary flag of the files, but I need the 
textual merge inside the SCM, naturally.

Do you have any idea how to handle this situation?

We are using reviewboard with mercurial SCM.

Thanks a lot,

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