Hi Christian,

Not sure if this is available or not, however I was wondering if the 
following would be hard to add to the base RB code:

   - Ability to place a maker (Last point of review) in on a file in a 
   review request. We review large change sets and many times, we are
   multitasking and have to stop mid-review. Today we either have to 
   remember where we left off when we log back in or place a comment
   saying this is where we last stopped. 
   - Ability to have the file name with the function name as we have in the 
   current version. For instance, when the file is large, and there are many
   changes across the file, we get the name of the function we are in, but 
   the filename is all the way at the top. 
   - Ability to mark files as reviewed/not-reviewed on a per reviewer 
   basis. This would allow files that have been marked as reviewed to not be 
   in the DiffViewer. 

I am sure I can riddle off many more, but wanted to put in some top UI 
enhancement ideas out there.
Thanks for the work on this great tool. It has already helped improve 
quality in our software.

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