So I've setup reviewboard 1.7.6 on a Fedora 18 desktop (via yum) to test 
out the RB hotness I keep hearing about and am running into some issues. So 
first off, for each group in our company, they have a separate 'nix user 
with repo access controlled via gitolite. Redmine + a slightly customized 
redmine_gitolite plugin wrap it all and manage access control so teams can 
pointy / clicky permissions in the shiney webui. The goal is to integrate 
this somewhat with reviewboard so we can send post reviews for teammates in 
remote offices.

The problem:
I ran rb-install and installed to /srv/jeff-codereview as an example, 
slightly modified the apache-wsgi.conf, and included it into the apache 
config. RB comes up and I got ldap access all happy. When setting up a new 
git repo in RB, I am trying to use a repo mirror.

So I set things up like this:
    Hosting Service: (None - Custom Repository)
    Path: /srv/jeff-codereview/repos/admin-ui
    Mirror Path: ssh://test-redmine/test-repo.git
    Raw file URL Mask: Blank. The repo browser is not viewable unless a 
user is logged into redmine
    Username: test-git
    Password: Blank. It is using ssh keys
    Publically Accessible: [ ] - We don't want any of the code to be 
publically accessible.

I made a group with access and that group does contain some users.

I've tried doing a git clone in /srv/jeff-codereview/repos/admin-ui with 
--bare and a normal working copy. I also generated a ssh key and put the 
ssh key in the relevant gitolite keydir + gave it R access on the repo via 
gitolite. The gitolite config with the RB generated ssh key works as 

No matter what I do, I get the dreaded "Please correct the error below" 
page yet there are 0 fields highlighted. I've read all of the docs I could 
find on your website and think I've done things correctly. What is the best 
way to proceed and to troubleshoot this?

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