Its seems for ssl enabled and configured list present in the reviewboard is 
not handled in the post-review tool.

        if isinstance(, list):
            repositories = self.get_repositories()

            debug("Repositories on Server: %s" % repositories)
            debug("Server Aliases: %s" %

            for repository in repositories:
                if repository['path'] in
           = repository['path']

Reviewboard Admin guide says to register ssl enable repository use ssl: 
prefix, when it gets registered with name ssl:perforce:1234, but will give you list of repositories without ssl: prefix hence 
it die reporting all these messages.

Just to let you know that "p4 info" output gives you Server Address without 
ssl prefix i.e perforce:1234.

Do you guys think the logic to handle multiple repository having ssl enable 
perforce repository configured needs changes, please let me know if i am 


On Tuesday, April 23, 2013 1:01:40 PM UTC+5:30, chuck j wrote:
> Hi All,
> posting of review request shows "Unknown repository paths found"
> but review board server configured with two repositories.
> List of configured repositories:
>         ssl:pf-sa-svr1:19773
> Unknown repository paths found:
>         p4-area:19773
>         pf-sa-svr1:19773
> All the above unknown reported by post-review tool are Server Aliases and 
> are one which is configured with ssl.
> Following argument passed with post-review tool.
> post-review  --bugs-closed="TAI2343"  --branch="MAIN" --server=
> --submit-as=chuck 
> --description-file="/tmp/tmpVwAGQY" 191269 
> --p4-port="ssl:pf-sa-svr1:19773"  --repository-url="ssl:pf-sa-svr1:19773"
> Why post-review unknown repository even when they are configured properly. 
> What is missing?
> -Chuck

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