On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 12:08 PM, Matthew Woehlke

> On 2013-04-25 15:03, Christian Hammond wrote:
>> There was a report just a few days ago about this. What's odd is that
>> nothing around these lines have changed in about 6 months.
>> I do, however, see why it's causing a javascript error. The code to set
>> the
>> default for gOpenAnIssue is not being set. Why this is suddenly happening,
>> I cannot say.
>> I'll work on making this more bullet-proof. Maybe something in a new
>> version of Django changed that broke our behavior. I can get a release out
>> by tonight. KDE will need to upgrade for this to be fixed.
>> Do you have any idea when this started?
> Unfortunately, no, just that I first noticed it about a week ago (and
> given others are commenting, presumably it only affects some users of a
> given RB instance).
Very strange. It'd be one thing if I saw any reports of this back when the
related feature was shipped (1 year ago!), but to just start seeing them

I'll work on a patch.

I think what's happening is that somehow, accessing the profile's
openAnIssue is failing. That can only happen if there is no profile,
though, which... shouldn't be able to happen. That or it's null by default,
which also shouldn't be able to happen. Anyway, it's I suppose never
getting to the filter that turns it into true/false, and just failing.

In the meantime, go into My Account, uncheck the Open An Issue, save,
re-check, save. Should fix it.


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