On 2013-05-03 16:58, mamta.nanav...@gmail.com wrote:
My company is currently evaluating between Gerrit and Reviewboard and one
of the points that we are debating on is Gatekeeping.

Gerrit automatically runs tests after a review is approved and ready to be
merged into jenkis. Is there any mechanism in reviewboard to do the same- :
eg: Worflow to submit code , review it, run test as ultimately merge it
into the desired repository?

Gerrit's UI is rubbish; do your users a favor and go with RB ;-).

More seriously, I'm not sure if such functionality exists right this moment, but if not it is (AFAICT) solely from a lack of glue. Between RB's extensions and event system, you should be able - without much difficulty - to write an RB extension to either publish events and/or fire off automated regression tests and such.


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